Avalon is a 100% AANR Resort

100% AANR Resort? That means  AVALON ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP holders are required to be a  AANR  members as well.

Avalon annual memberships provide members with year round, 24 hr access to the resort and our amenities. 

Anyone can apply for membership to Avalon Resort. If you wish to become a member, you must visit the resort 3 times and then complete a membership application

That application is available in the Avalon Office. Complete an application and return it to the office. Membership applications are processed once a week. After your application is processed you will be notified of its status.

AANR membership is required for an Avalon membership. That membership can be purchased through Avalon at a cost savings to you.

If you are an Avalon member and have children under the age of 21 those children can use the amenities of the resort.

Avalon Memberships

Single | $500
Couples | $800
AANR Membership Is Required
Avalon Memberships Are Subject to West Virginia’s 6% Sales Tax
But AANR Memberships Are Not.

AANR Memberships

Single | w/Full Avalon Membership
($64 Value)

Couple | w/Full Avalon Membership
($128 Value)

Young Adult | Membership (21-35)
$35 ($48.00 Value)

TNS Membership Options

One Year Membership

Two Year Membership  

One Year
Senior, Young Adult, Disabled Veteran

Two Year
Senior, Young Adult, Disabled Veteran